CIBIL Management

CIBIL Management

Fin2Excel  has been providing free, professional and confidential credit counseling services to people all over the country.

Our team of certified counselors will conduct easy and stress-free counseling for you to identify and acknowledge your credit issue by providing the best of it kind legal solution to help you.

Evaluation and Recommendations: Our team of certified counselors will collect all the necessary documentations and information from you to pull a valid and authentic Credit Information Report (CIR) from leading Credit Bureaus in India TransUnion CIBIL, Equifax, Experian, CRIF Highmark. On receipt of your Credit Information Report, The counselor will provide you in detail evaluation and understanding of what is on your credit report and interpret the findings to you with remedial actions to overcome challenges.We advice our valuable customers not to share their confidential information for free report generation.

Updation of Negative Flags: Our dedicated team coordinate with the Credit Bureaus and your creditors to challenge any inaccuracies or errors reflecting on your Credit Information Report that affect your credit health and score. Fin2Excel will ensure your credit history is update with recent, accurate and error-free information that will further create value for you to be honest and creditworthy as per CIC guidelines.

Improve Negative Score: Your credit score is more than just a number though it is a numerical expression based on a detail analysis of a person’s credit history, to represent the creditworthiness of an individual. It is primarily based on a Credit Information Report, typically sourced from Credit Bureaus. A better credit score can help you to unlock the things you want most. A credit score reflects credit payment pattern over time , with more emphasis on recent information.

Debt Management: If you are struggling with any debt like credit card or loans, Fin2Excel will stand by your side to help you to gain financial freedom by negotiating with your creditors, for reducing the total amount that you owe. Based on your financial situation, we can also consider negotiating on the principal amount owed by you in terms of restructuring, facilitate with EMI option in legal way.

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