Home Loans

Home Loans

Fin2Excel has a comprehensive Home Loan portfolio to offer customized funding solutions to help you buy the home of your choice. A range of flexible and affordable home loans help you take the definitive step towards owning the home of your dreams

A minimum loan amount of ₹ 3 lakh can be availed.
We offer loans for purchase of House, Construction, Renovation and Repairs. Latest Interest Rates
A maximum Loan Tenor of 240 months for Home Loan can be availed.

b) Top-Up Loan: Existing LHL customers with minimum 12 months of exceptional repayment track record are eligible for a Top-Up Loan with a minimum amount of ₹10 lakh and maximum ₹25 lakh.
The Loan can be availed for taking care of personal expenses like children’s education, marriage, medical emergencies etc.
The Loan Tenor is 10 years or residual tenor of existing home loan, whichever is higher
c) Fin2Excel Home Loan- Overdraft Facility (OD): Customers who maintain CASA balance of 5000/-in their savings and current account are eligible for this facility

1) The customer can avail a minimum loan amount of ₹5 lakh
2) Facilities like loan amount, tenor, rate of interest and margins are same as LHL.
3) There is a reduction in drawing power on a monthly basis
4) LHL interest savings for the individuals

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