HR/Payroll Outsourcing

HR/Payroll Outsourcing

HR/Payroll Outsourcing We offer complete payroll outsourcing and payroll management services.

Payroll is a support function, for which the Company has to spend more time, money and attention for salary/wage calculation, remittances, statutory remittances, compliances, tax calculations, etc. And in case of any lapses, sometimes Company has to incur penalties and face severe legal consequences.

And it is a known fact, that this exercise do not contribute to the topline sales/growth of the Company.

Therefore, Payroll Outsourcing Services is a recommendable process, wherein the Company outsources payroll function to an agency, who is committed for timely payment of salary/wages, and other statutory dues and take ownership of legal compliances on behalf of the Company..  
The employees are appointed by the agency on their payroll and deputed in the Company. And therefore, the Company is safeguarded against the employee disputes and other legal consequences.

The Company is at comfort to focus on its business growth.

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